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Sport and family


he Altopiano del Sole is a valley dedicated to children, but above all to those parents who want to hear them laugh and amaze them with new experiences in sport. In fact, the Altopiano is a real playground for those who love to spend their holidays with a variety of activities: sport fishing at Lake Lova or Lake Giallo, a trip to the mountains, a bike ride along the cycle path, a game of tennis, paddle or five-a-side football, or a relaxing weekend. The Altopiano del Sole offers a lot to those who want to spend an active holiday with their family.


The Advenure Land park,the “I Boschi del Giovetto” nature reserve,the hiking trails, the slopes where you can ski or snowshoe, the indoor and outdoor walls where you can climb, and then again the cycle paths or mountain bike trails, await you on the Altopiano for a unique experience!Borno, the heart of Valle Camonica, is the perfect starting point for hikes and walks: the surrounding mountains are in fact a paradise for all lovers of outdoor activities.. Here you will find itineraries, always signposted, suitable for all levels and abilities. You can choose to take simple walks in the green valleys, where you can enjoy the silence of nature and where you can switch off from everyday life. Or alternatively, to venture on more challenging hikes at altitude.


In winter, on the other hand, fun is guaranteed on the slopes of the Borno Ski Area, where children can begin to approach the sport thanks to the professionalism and skill of the ski instructors. The Altopiano del Sole is therefore the ideal place for any family wishing to enjoy nature, but without giving up the fun of activity and sport.


L'Altopiano è dedicato ai bambini e alle famiglie
Attività diverse ogni giorno
Maestri di sci preparati e professionali