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Lake Lova, just above Borno, is an alpine lake that occupies the bottom of a glacial basin, just under 1300 meters above sea level, between the Pizzo Camino (2491 m) and Mount Mignone (1742 m) mountains.

The lake is fed by two small streams, which flow down from the surrounding mountains. Excess water is discharged downstream, forming the San Fiorino stream, a natural outlet of the lake and a left tributary of the Trobiolo.

Lake Lova is set in a natural environment typical of the Lombardy Pre-Alps, with extensive spruce forests framing the basin on the southern shore. Wide, gently sloping pastureland, instead, contours the lake on the northern side.

The trail starts at Borno at 912 meters and includes 400 meters of elevation gain. Although the trail is rather steep, it is not particularly difficulty and, after about an hour’s walk, you arrive at the lake.


Lake Lova can be reached directly from Borno, driving along a decidedly steep lane. The gradient in some places exceeds 20 percent, and due to its rough surface is passable only with sturdy off-road vehicles.

From the main road in the locality of Navertino, a dirt track starts that, having crossed the San Fiorino stream, goes up the opposite side of the little valley. Once you reach the fork, keeping to the right, and you reach the path in the vicinity of the lake.

The lake can also be reached starting from Ossimo Superiore, via a steep mule track that from the upper part of the village climbs to the locality Baleggie from where, on the level, you reach the lake.

Finally, it is possible to reach Lake Lova from Villa, a hamlet of Lozio, by crossing Colle del Mignone (1526 m).

All these routes are practicable only on foot, or by mountain bike, since there is a ban on motorized vehicles.


Once you reach the lake, the scenery is well worth the effort of the climb.

You will find yourself in a large meadow, with an area equipped for families who want to picnic, eat on outdoor tables or delight in typical dishes cooked at Chalet Lova.

The vegetation is alpine, with flowers and plants typical of the area.