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falía* is an artistic residency project now in its fourth edition in Lozio, Valle Camonica (Brescia). The objective is to continuously create a bridge between contemporary art and the territory, with all the meanings it conveys. This external stimulus, in contemporary art practices, is intended to light a spark, developing interest in the rediscovery of the beauty of the territory and proposing at the same time a reinterpretation of it in order to trigger alternative mechanisms of enhancement and promotion of the area and its culture. For this reason, since its inception, the falía* project envisions a temporal development that allows for dialogue and mutual enhancement between the past, present and future.


The small municipality of Lozio, inhabited by a few hundred people and where traditions and the link with the territory are still very strong, allows the artists to get in touch not only with what surrounds them – both at a natural and human level – but also with the past, the identity and the memory of the place, rich in history and stories to tell. This creates a mutual appreciation between the parties and a new “mixed community.”

In fact, inhabitants and artists dialogue closely, combining contemporary art and territory in this way. Living and working directly in Lozio, the artists breathe in the atmosphere of the mountains, to be inspired and draw insight for growth. At the same time, artists have become a reason for development of the village. Thanks to its welcoming of contemporary artistic experience and practices, the village can be seen and read with a different eye, not only by the inhabitants, but also by passing visitors.


After three successful years, with a total of 28 Italian and international artists participating, a new group of participants will be selected for the fourth year. They will live and work for a specific period of time in the context of the Lozio Valley. During this residency time, the artists of falía* will work on a project, developed according to their particular expressive and creative line, creating site-specific works, possible also and above all thanks to the direct contact with the environment.

The artists, moreover, are guided from the beginning to discover the territory of Valle Camonica and everything around it, both on a material and immaterial level. In this way they are provided with all the necessary tools in order to enter into the proper mood of the residency. Given this close link that will be established with the local environment, at the end of the residency period, the artists will present their works, which will remain on site, to the public. The hope is that over time a body of site-specific contemporary artworks, closely linked to the territory, can be established.

falía* Artists In Residence is a project of Associazione falía* curated by Alice Vangelisti, with the patronage of Comune di Lozio, Comunità Montana di Valle Camonica, Distretto Culturale di Valle Camonica, Altopiano del Sole and the support of Azienda Agricola Luna Piena, G.I.A.N. Gruppo Italiano Amici della Natura – Sezione di Lozio, Pro Loco Valle di Lozio and Gruppo Alpini di Lozio.