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Preserves and nature


The Altopiano del Sole territory is rich in products that can be found and harvested in the different seasons of the year: forest fruits – from which excellent preserves are obtained – wild herbs, mushrooms and much more. This fortunate condition is due to its particular climatic characteristics, exposure to the sun and wind, altitude and so on.

Wild field grasses undoubtedly play the main role. It starts in spring, when the winter snow melts on the meadows and makes way for the dandelion, also known as chicory, a bitterish herb with tender leaves perfect for eating in salads and a full-bodied root that is preserved in oil. When chicory flowers, its yellow flower can be used to prepare a honey made by steeping the flowers in sugar. A delicate nectar perfect with mountain cheeses.


You may have happened to be walking in the mountains from time to time and been struck by an intense smell of garlic: looking around, not far away you would have found some small clumps of ramsons, or wild garlic. This is a wild herb with green fleshy leaves and an intense garlic smell. Dishes prepared with this herb are extraordinarily tasty and, good news, without the danger of the garlic taste coming back for hours afterwards.

There are so many herbs that our mountains give us until the end of summer: mallow, hops, wild asparagus, borage, wild spinach. Each of these, and many more, has properties and uses rooted in our traditions both for use in cooking and for the preparation of natural remedies for minor seasonal ailments.

Our forests are also rich in tasty fruit, first and foremost the sweet berries: wild strawberries, blueberries and blackberries, small, delicate berries with an intense, sweet flavour. These jewels of nature are excellent both freshly picked and in delicious jams: spread on warm bread in the morning, they will bring back memories of your holidays and adventurous trips to the forests of the Altopiano del Sole.

And, of course, we cannot forget the many mushrooms that populate our undergrowth, the obsession and delight of the many enthusiasts who love to collect them.