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vista dal portico della chiesa di San Silvestro di Angolo Terme Altopiano del Sole

Angolo Terme


ANGOLO TERME This town is called Angolo, which means ‘Corner’ because, in this location, the valley forms a right angle, and it includes the towns of Angolo, Anfurro, Mazzunno and Terzano. Since 1963, the town has been known as Angolo Terme. Angolo has Celtic origins with a medieval urban structure; it has shared the historical and economic development of Valle Camonica and is full of history and noble vestiges. Angolo Terme has always been a center of agricultural and handicraft production, especially in the wood and glass sectors.

Angolo developed further in the second half of the 19th century with the construction of the Angolo – Dezzo road, but it assumed even greater importance from 1960, when the spa and tourist activity began to develop, thanks also to the proximity to Lake Moro and to the presence of ski resorts in the Presolana – Monte Pora ski area, located on Mount Angolo, Colle Vareno.


In Angolo Terme you can relax and enjoy the breeze from the Dezzo river at Parco delle Terme. Here there are the pavilions dedicated to spa treatments, but also the municipal swimming pools. The Park is a particularly appreciated and popular place during the summer months.

For some years now, sports competitions have also become increasingly important. On some Sundays in summer, a mountain race called ‘Poker della Montagna’ is organized, and it reaches all four of the town’s mountains: Angolo – Vareno, the most famous and historic, Terzano – San Giovanni, Anfurro – Sessa and Mazzunno – Prave.

Food is another fundamental mainstay of this municipality: in fact, the capù are the focus of the historic and very famous Sagra dei Capù, which takes place every year in the hamlet of Terzano. These are tasty cabbage rolls stuffed with meat, always accompanied by polenta.


Worth remembering are Palazzo Laini, a historic residence with a quadrangular plan, the 16th-century Federici Castle, and Palazzo Morosini. As regards religion, we can mention the parish Church of San Lorenzo Martire, the Church of San Silvestro, from where you can admire a panorama of Valletta di Angolo and the Presolana, and the Church of the Alpini, built in the 1980s thanks to the Angolo Alpine troops. Also worth a visit are the churches of San Giacomo and San Rocco in Mazzunno, the Church of Santa Giulia in Terzano and the Church of Saints Nazario and Celso in Anfurro.

The historic center of the town has numerous fountains, made of ‘Simona stone’ and the most interesting is certainly the Olmo fountain. Evidence of the past is also visible in many houses, for example stone portals, frescoes, vaults and wooden balconies.


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