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la piazza di Borno durante la benedizione delle contrade al palio di San Martino



The magic of the Borno Palio…

Imagine being plunged into the 13th century,in a village that in itself offers much due to the splendour of the surrounding mountain environment…being able to experience the historical atmosphere recreated, witnessing games that are unusual for our time but played with enthusiasm and a spirit of victory by all six contrade (neighbourhoods).

Trampling straw everywhere…illuminating eyes with firelight, tasting the flavours of ancient times, delighting the ear with music and sounds from another era…

It is a historical palio and includes 17 games in a continuous succession of contests… until late in the evening on Saturday, after feasting in the historic square and then the evening competitions and music…

To resume with the Sunday games, the drums and bagpipes… and the contrade… this is the Palio di San Martino…

Admire it and experience it!


Armatorum Vicorum Pallium

Connected with the Palio di Santo Martino, the renewed spirit and desire to see most of the villages in the middle valley united again… Borno, Ossimo, Malegno, Breno, Niardo, Bienno, Prestine and Cividate.

The aim will not just be the conquest of a palio, but rather that of a series of victories over four years, which will then give rise to the final challenge for the awarding of the palio in the fifth year of the race.

No longer united only by the municipality being part of the official union, as was the case last year for the first edition (the union of the ancient boroughs), but now a consolidated group of people, souls and intentions… with the desire to participate… and to rejoice together again and celebrate… this is how we will welcome the new arrivals from the borough of Cividate and together with the other boroughs will face the adventure called“Palio Delli Borghi Armati” (Palio of the Armed Boroughs). In fact, in the hands of each borough there will be a real iron club, which will collect the successes of each year of the race, the pride of the contrada to be displayed in order to make everyone aware of their achievements.

Rare are the occasions when the guest of our lands will have the opportunity to see a great number of villages competing all together… and Borno is proud to be the setting for such an event. Rejoice for your villages and support your champions.