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Castles, towers and fortresses


The remains of castles, towers and fortresses give an image of the Altopiano del Sole as it must have been in the past, in all its splendour and ancient charm.

In Valle Camonica, between the years 893 and 953, numerous forts, fortresses and towers were built as defence against Hungarian and Saracen invasions. They were used as shelters during raids. Borno can be traced back to 12 ancient medieval towers, many of which were later rebuilt on pre-existing fortifications, although to date only seven towers have been found.

In addition to towers, the Altopiano del Sole territory also features castles, as in Lozio, Borno and Angolo Terme, and fortresses. Walking through the alleys of the villages, one seems to take a journey into the past and antiquity. It is easy to come across fountains, 16th-century capitals, simona stone gates, engraved boulders and stones, statue-stones and many other treasures that evoke distant times.

Strolling through the alleyways of Borno, in Via Vittorio Emanuele, you may come across a beautiful 17th-century loggia, hidden inside a courtyard with a central fountain and ancient charm. Here, time seems to stand still and the magic of Borno will give you an authentic and true experience. In Via San Fermo, on the other hand, the former Albergo Franzoni is finely decorated with modern frescoes and a sundial with a motto, and its portico and loggia date back to the 15th century.


Borno, Lozio, Angolo Terme
Rocche, torrioni, fortilizi, torri
Loggette e balconcini
Portoni in pietra simona e fontane antiche